CD review: Ich Ruf Zu Dir

It is a pleasure to listen to Ich ruf zu dir, a 2015 recording of JS Bach, Weiss and David Kellner by Austrian lutenist Bernhard Hofstotter. This intense, special music is explored with honesty and rhetorical finesse, from the solemn pathos of the chorale Ich ruf zu dir, to the most robust Bouree from Weiss. Hofstotter is a considered, careful player, and although this sometimes leads his pulse towards relentlessness, his playing is compelling and his silvery tone is seldom compromised. His sincere approach lends itself magically to Bach’s Second suite for cello – his own, convincing arrangement – with its impassioned Sarabande being, for me, the highlight of the disc. Although marred by some erratic tuning, the luminous Chaconne by David Kellner that concludes the recording is a delight, and the CD overall promises a very rewarding hour’s listening.

Ich ruf zu dir is available at

Sam Brown, 2016. Review originally written for Lute News, the journal of the UK Lute Society 


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