a Poem: what we are is Memory

What we are is memory
The rest, is food for grass;
The sun sets on our absences,
And yet, though we but pass
An eye blink of the universe
We hold a weight as rare
As the tombeau of a sparrow
In the hands of whom we care.
Can we disturb the universe?
No, change a smaller world
Through the mind and breath and fondness
Of a heart in friendship held.
And that must be our universe,
Our landscape and our home,
Our cage, perhaps, and garden
Of an Eden’s own.
We are of a Eden’s own,
We flourish, love and die,
And what becomes of either of us
Either you, or I?
What we are is memory,
When we are growing grass,
And I remember fondly
That time for us did pass.

Copyright Sam Brown 2015 
Filmed by Duncan Appleby